Facebook – 4th Biggest Country in The World

Facebook - 300 million users served

The Facebook conquest continues. Yesterday Facebook announced that it has a reached 300 million active users. Three. Hundred. Million. Users.

How huge is that? There are only THREE countries in the entire world that have a population of more than 300 million.

  1. China (1.33 billion)
  2. India (1.17 billion)
  3. USA (307 million)
  4. Facebook (300 million)
  5. Indonesia (230 million)
  6. Brazil (192 million )

The UK has a population of 62 million. That’s not even 1/4th of Facebook’s user base. Facebook has almost eight times as many users as the entire population of Poland (34 million).

There are almost 1.67 billion Internet users in the world according to InternetWorldStats. That would mean that approximately 18% of all Internet users in the world use Facebook, which is exceptional.

With Facebook’s rapid growth rate, it will soon have more users than there are people in the US. Which leads us to the following question . . . When will Facebook become #1 – the biggest country in the world?

via: pingdom, wikipedia


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