4 Facebook Themes for WordPress

Facebook WordPress Themes

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use a blog design 300 million users love and are familiar with already? If you want to run your own blog on a facebook inspired theme powered by wordpress, here we go: Continue reading ‘4 Facebook Themes for WordPress’


Facebook – 4th Biggest Country in The World

Facebook - 300 million users served

The Facebook conquest continues. Yesterday Facebook announced that it has a reached 300 million active users. Three. Hundred. Million. Users.

How huge is that? There are only THREE countries in the entire world that have a population of more than 300 million. Continue reading ‘Facebook – 4th Biggest Country in The World’

Follow 50 WordPress Theme Designers on Twitter

WordPress Designers on Twitter
Are You Following these Top 50 WordPress Theme Designers on Twitter yet? It is the smart thing to do if you are blogger, web designer, affiliate marketer, or are doing anything related to WordPress, … Never miss a special offer again. Get previews and the inside scoop on some of the hottest theme designs soon to be released, not to mention an authoritative follow back (cross your fingers). So what are you waiting for? Continue reading ‘Follow 50 WordPress Theme Designers on Twitter’

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